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I'm a competitive Figure Skater.
I've been skating for more than half my life now.

I believe in miracles.
It sounds cliche, but I've seen one happen.
I listen to a lot of different types of music.
My favorite type is probably goth rock, and I'm pretty sure nobody'd ever guess that.
I love to eat pizza and just any type of Italian food.
My grandparents are incredibly Italian.
Right now I'd much rather be at the rink.
Skating's something I love, it clears my mind and makes me happy, obviously I'd rather be at a rink.
I want to be known for something good.
I like having people talk about me, but only if it's in a positive way.

I cannot live without my Sidekick 3.
It's basically attatched to my hand 24/7.
If I can change anything I'd change the way people think and act.
Sometimes people these days can be so cruel.
I just hate seeing kids be picked on, or talked down to when it's really doesn't need to happen.
I really just hope for everything one day want everybody to be happy and peaceful.