Self Evaluation is my life

What is America?
the national anthem

Hey guys its dudethatsrad :)

I wakeboard and I love it
external image wakeboarding.jpg

I listen to good music that you've never heard of

I drink a lot of energy drinks;; especially vitamin water

I would rather be in Florida right now

I want to be an architect when I'm older
external image 386473525_bceecbe91f.jpg?v=0

I want to change a lot about the world today
external image 173982999_0a85ec0ff4.jpg?v=0

I cannot live without my cell phone;; i would positively die

I am known for being preppy
external image 278147904_e82a868468.jpg?v=0

I want a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I plan to get one when I am 16

external image 141186147_88bd877247.jpg?v%EF%BF%BD4%EF%BF%BD0