why is lydia a hero
Lydia Maria Child- 19th centery hero by beachlover4life
ReVoLuTiOnArY sToRy! Ae
SeLf EvAlUaTiOn Ae
LeWiS & cLaRk PrOjEcT {dead animals} =]
CoNsTiTuTiOn QuEsTiOnS AeS
StAmP aCt

CaLl ScRiPt AeS
i do basketball, volleyball, gymnastics and cheerleading!
i believe in god
i listen to alot of music!
i eat pizza!
i want to be in Italy
i want to be barbie
i can't do without my friends ( and my family, there the best!!!!)
something i would change???
i'm known for being funny
i want...