19th centry american hero--Harriet Tubman

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I know the whole glitter thing isn't emo, but it looks cool! wiki-mail me if you want to know where to get the glitter words made!

All About Me!!!!

Something i do- I get hurt allot
Something i believe- every girl should have at least 10 pairs of shoes
Something i listen to- scream-o
Something i eat- sushi
Something i want to be- a fashion designer
Something i cannot do without- my MP3 players
Something i would change- my hair color
Something you are known for- being a clutz
Something i want- my lip pierced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(cough, cough,... mom)


Phone call with Jacob Broom

The really odd questions about the constitution

Awesomely awesome bluuz song!
Yorktown story


This is one of the best bands, and they play paralyzer. Which is THE best song.


I absolutely love stewie!!


Random dog.


rock Pet Rock!!!!

kenny Kenny!


jefreestar.jpg flashing_heart.gif

Jefree star- the awesome-ist....ummm.....person? in the world, besides BAM!
I absolutely love Bam Margera. I watch his shows, and love his clothes.

I interviewed 3 people about the internet,,, and they're all over 30!
Mrs.T-- " i didnt know that there was internet when i was a kid because it wasnt invented yet.. but now i use it for e-mail and checking up on soccer tournaments"

DB-- I love the internet, my clients send me sketches, and i e-mail yeachers, look for recipes, and look for news. Since i never had the internet when i was a kid, inow that I know what it is, I wish i did have it."

MR--" i never had the internet when i was a kid, eventhough it would have been useful. But now even though there is internet, i dont use it. i dont even have an email adress. "