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LS constitution questions-

1. Of which state are you a citizen?

3. Bill Dodge, son of two United States citizens, was born in
Niger during his parents’ African travels. Ousseini Abdoulaye
was born in Niger on the very same day; Ousseini’s parents,
however, were citizens of Niger. Ousseini later moves to the
United States and becomes a United States citizen. Assume that
both Bill and Ousseini are 40 years old and have lived in the
United States for at least last 20 years. Is either Bill or Ousseini
eligible to serve as President?
Bill is eligible to serve as President.

2. Are you eligible for the House of Representatives? The
Senate? The Presidency? If not, why not?
No because for the House of Representatives you have to be 25, for the Senate you have to be 30, and to be the President you have to be 35.

Jot down you notes for each section below.


Say hello and make small talk about things going on in the person's life. List four things you could talk about with your person.

1 Hi John.

2 I hope your doing good.

3 I heard you were a captian during the Revolutionary War in 1777.

4 I also heard that you have 8 brothers and sisters. I hope theyre doing good too.


State why you are calling and the Article and section, or the Amendment you want to discuss.

Why calling?

1 Im calling to discuss Article 11 Section 1.

2 I agree with the rule saying there has to be a President in the United States

3 because it keeps the US under control so there are no unfair or bad things happening

Article and section or Amendment calling about -- explain what it is in everyday language

1 Article 11 Section 1 means that there will always be a President in control of the US

2 There will always be four terms,

3 and there will also be electors that vote for 2 of the people running for President.


Give an example of how we see that Article or Amendment in action today and if it is still working to benefit us?

1Who The Presidents still follow that article today

2What The Presidents have four terms and still have electors.



5Why They do it so they keep the country under control.


7Keep it? Change it? Why? I think they should keep it because its a good idea and if we didn't have those rules then our country wouldn't be under good control.


Be creative!!

Write your complete script below!! Do not call unless you have your script completely written. Hand in your script on Wednesday.