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Troy Beardsley
June 16, 2008

On a hot summer evening of 2007 there were four guys and talking, walking chocolate bars. Different sorts of candy were being made from this famous place called Hershey park. Then there came a problem and thousands of people went missing. When ever someone went in the Dunkin Donut shop no one came out but just candy that walked and talked. So there was a little boy named Eric that went into the store to buy his father a coffee. He never came out but about 10-15minets after a giant walking talking Reese’s peanut butter cup came out. The yummy chocolate Reese’s cup came out and my dad asked if he saw a little kid with a football shirt on in there. The chocolate candy just smiled and walked away!
Now it was the twins turn to investigate. We walked all around the park and saw nothing unusual. When we walked into chocolate world we noticed a candy bar that looked like he had a red hat on spying on us. So I darted out to find my dad. Jacob of coarse got lost and was stuck in the place for the whole night because when it was 10pm it closed. It was way past that when I found my dad and he said he new what was going on. So he took me to an underground chocolate layer and said people are being turned to chocolate and I said what are you nuts? So then we walked to find my twin in the underground layer and we fell down a trap door. My dad landed on a rack of Hershey kisses and I landed on Jacob eating a peanut butter sandwich with chocolate as the bun. He told me that there’s all these chocolate candy down the aisle. So I walked and walked and found Eric he was in a pool of chocolate pudding swimming around. Now I was confused. Then why were people coming out as candy bars in the Dunkin donuts place. A man overheard me talking to myself and said there’s a costume party there and people are going in there and coming here for the after party. What a mystery that was…

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Troy Beardsley
Charles Slaven
My name is Charles Slaven was born in Scotland in northwestern Europe. I left for free land and to get away from the greedy Europeans. I also was meeting the rest of my family in America and we were going to travel together to claim land. There were no problems getting my families tickets because I was wealthy. I inherited all my money from my parents. I was only 27 years old and hoped to get nice big land for my family. If I had to bring five items it would be money, clothes, suitcase to put everything in, food and also my wife.
The ship I went on was the Columbia ship. I was all excited when he departure in Glasgow. The boat was a big boat with three giant steam poles in the middle. I slept in the room were high class men slept. I also ate mostly seafood.