a great hero br
the war of 1812
video br
lewis & clark br

**phonecall br**
**costitution questions BR**
something that i want to be
my info on valley forge

my favorites
boston tea party



1-Something you do- play lacrosse
2-Something you believe- I can do anything if I put my mind to it
3-Something you listen to-I like to listen to country and rock music
4-Something you eat- My favorite food is seafood
5-Some place you want to be- I would like to be in the bahamas
6-Something you want to be- I want to be a marine
7-Something you cannot do without- I cant do without my dogs sampson and rosie
8-Something you would change- If I could I would go back in time to to stop my dog kaluah from eating medicine and dying
9-Something that you are known for- i dont know
10-Something you want- i want 999,999,999 $