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John Paul Jones

Father of the American Navy.
1 . Within four years, he captained his own trading ship, sailing between English ports and the West Indies
2.The fledgling Continental Navy was even more ragtag then the Colonies counterpart the army.
3.He first stalked British ships around the Colonies and then took the war direct to Britain with command of the sloop Ranger.
4.He sailed to France and upon sailing into Quiberon Bay, France, Jones and Admiral La Motte Piquet exchanged gun salutes...the first time the flag of the new nation was recognized by a foreign government.
5.He proceeded to terrorize the coastal population of Scotland and England by making daring raids ashore and destroying many British vessels.
6..After several successful years as a merchant skipper in the West Indies, John Paul emigrated to the Colonies.
7.At the outbreak of the American Revolution, he cast his lot with the colonist receiving a commission in the Continental Navy, given command of the sloop USS Providence which he used to destroy the British fisheries in Nova Scotia while capturing 16 British ships.
8.He called out to Jones, "Are you ready to surrender?" The answer, now known to every school child in America, "I have not yet begun to fight!" Still the battle continued until the British ship hoisted the surrender flag. The Bon Homme Richard so badly damaged, that Jones had to transfer his men to the Serapis.
9.The following year he became captain of the sloop Providence. In his first adventure aboard the Providence he destroyed the British fisheries in Nova Scotia and captured 16 British prize ships.
10. Jones's refusal to accept defeat in this battle, even as his ship sank with nearly all her guns disabled, was one of the Continental navy's most celebrated victories during the Revolution.