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HEY! Welcome to my Wiki Page! Starting with me...
  • I like to play basketball, this will be my 9th year
  • I have a 4 year old schnauzer named Gus!
  • I like to act and I think i'm pretty good. (9th year!)
  • I can't live without music! (I like Rock and THE JONAS BROTHERS!)
  • I love cheese, for some reason I know that is wierd but my grandfather family owns a cheese factory in Italy so I have grown up around cheese!!
  • I am known for being funny, all of my friends said that i should be a comedian when i'm older!
  • Everone gets mad at me for saying this, but I really don't like going shopping, it's boring, annoying, and everytime I walk into the mall I want to leave!
  • When I am home by myself, I get so bored so I like to be creative and make things with my hands or on the computer. I have 4 calendars in my draw with my family pictures all over them!
  • My favorite thing about me is my hair! It's big and poofy and curly and GREAT!!!!

I believe we write our own stories and
each time we think we know the end,
we don't. Perhaps luck exsists somewhere
between the world of planning, of chance,
and in the peace that comes from knowing
that you just can't know it all. Life's funny
that way... once you let go of the wheel, you
might end up right where you belong.

Live like your at the bottom, even if your at the top!