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1. Something I do is play sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Football and Softball. I have played Basketball for 5 years on a Team. I just started volleyball and I'm not that good =]. I play football and softball with my Dad, Sister and Neighbor.

2. I believe in that anything is possible.

3. I listen to music. I like rap and hip hop music and pretty much anything on the radio.

4. I like pizza, chocolate and ice cream.

5. I want to be in Hawaii or another island with a tropical temperature and lots of beaches. I also would like to go to Florida and California.

6. I want to be a actress or a lawyer or a doctor or something that makes a lot of money. =]

7.i couldn't live without my computer, Ipod, cell phone and my friends.

8. I would change the world so that their wouldn't be wars or uncureable diseases like cancer.

9. im known for being funny and i joke around a lot. I am also really loud but not in front of a lot of people =].

10. I want to see a concert of the Jonas Brothers and i want a laptop. I also want my grandpa to be alive. =[

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