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Airhead101 Here. The Entertainment Has Begun.

My friends known all the stuff about me. That I'm a klutz, airhead, and random. Though it may be true, not always am I like that.

1.) I love to swim and play tennis. Tennis is so much fun... Except for the part by getting hit in the face with a tennis ball (very painful). My favorite players are Maria Sharapova and Roger Federer.
Maria Sharapova during US Open Quarter Finals

2.) I believe in that all people should be themselves and not some one they're not.

3.) I like to listen to music, not one in paticular. All types of music.
The Old iPod Nano's

4.) I love Pixie Stix because they make me really hyper.

5.) I would love to go to Italy, it looks so beautiful and historical.

6.) I have always wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor. They are both hard working jobs and interesting.

7.) I can't do with out my family. I went to Russia for 2 months and for an entire month I was without my parents and my brother.
My Home Country's Flag

8.) I would change the apperal of my room. I would repaint it and change practically everything.

9.) I am known for helping people out and being a kind and caring person. Tutoring, babysitting, etc.. and I'm also known for being a klutz. (Lots of you know!)

10.) I want the world to be a safe and peaceful place. No wars, no terrorists, no bombs, and much more.