Harriet Tubman-19th Century Hereo

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The Most Importnant 19th Century Invention...

The made up pecha cucha story thinggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The 6 songssss1669<3333

Britney Carto0o0o0on..... xocherryox ....Amethyst.<3333

CMT Question thinggg!!My Britneyy cartoooo0o0o0n.

Cartoons that i Enjoyyyy!!!..
Story Part Two1669
second quarter grades(PP)
Presidential Primary Evaluation(PP)
**goerge washington16**
**Constitution Questionspp**
**Calling Dead People!**
**LeWiS &&& cLaRk QuEsTiOnS!**
**THe FiNal LEwIs &&& CLarkkk**
**Lewis and Clark Video16**
**Questions for video 6916**
**John Edwards1669**
1-Something you do I like to play softball,draw and hanging out with my friends and dancing!!! softball.gif
2-Something you believe I believe in family.....and god.
3-Something you listen hip hop/rap/r & b/pop/Jonas Brothers
4-Something you eat Taco Bell
5-Some place you want to be in the BahamasVirginIslands.jpg
6-Something you want to be I want to be a doctor
7-Something you cannot do without I cannot live with out friendssss and familyyy!
8-Something you would change I would change the fact that i only have a younger sister i would want an older sister and brother too and also keep my younger sister.
9-Something that you are known for I am known for having a mansion in India
10-Something you want ...I WANT TO MEET NICK JONAS AND WELL I GUESS THE JONAS BROTHERS....and talk to them!
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