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1-Something you do
2-Something you believe
3-Something you listen to
4-Something you eat
5-Some place you want to be
6-Something you want to be
7-Something you cannot do without
8-Something you would change
9-Something that you are known for
10-Something you want

1. I play baseball in fall and spring
2. I believe that I ran fast
3. Eqypt central Music
4. Capcakes
6. Doctor
7. nice kicks ''shoes''
8. more funny
9.nice kicks
10. nicer kicks

blues clues 2

I wonder what happen if the way not round because we would die because we would fall off the earth.

for the japan men that can not read the english on the top i put it in japanees

1 -何かお持ち
2 -何かと思われる
3 -何かに耳を
4 -何かを食べる
5 -いくつかの場所にしたい
6 -何か欲しいものが
7 -何かすることができます。なくてはならない
8 -何かに変更
9 -何かしている知られて
10 -何か欲しい
1 。私と春秋の野球に参加を
2 。速いと信じて走った
3 。中央音楽eqypt
4 。 capcakes
6 。医師
7 。ニースの靴キック'' ''
8 。もっと面白い
10 。いいキック