presidential election ideaThe constitution
KR blues song
calling random dead people1-Something you do:I like to play video games.
2-Something you believe:I believe in Santa Claus coming every christmas. Santa claus past to present
3-Something you listen to:I listen to music on the radio.
4-Something you eat:I love to eat cheese pizza.
5-Some place you want to be:I would like be in yellowstone.
6-Something you want to be:A person who saves animals. Random essay 7-Something you cannot do without:I can't do anything without my family.
8-Something you would change:I would try to be more cooperative.
9-Something that you are known for:trying to be scary.
10-Something you want:I would like a lot of things.
MLKjr. dayDifferences between an african elephant and a donkey
Is this the best solution?:My best solution is to say no.
What are the real causes?:The real cause is peer pressure.
What are better solutions?:You could just walk away.
What are your ideas?:To see why people give in to peer pressure.
What is the real issue here?:The issue is that it can be dangerous.
What questions would you need answered?:When did this all start?
Big kittiesGeorge washington was the first president of the united states.
He was also a war general in the American Revoulution.
He is in practically in every battle of the war.
He was even in yorktown.
George Washington is famous for being on a quarter and the one dollar bill.
He sometimes rode a horse in that war.
George washington leaded the continential army.
He had a very interesting outfit in the war.
democrat or republican Lewis and Clark animal discoveries
My 19th century hero The battery
Rocky Obama vs Hilliary and Billy the clinton
CMT questions
war of 1812
Oregon Trail songs
Bella the brown lab