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Be very complete when answering the, many people will be listening to this one. It wil not be like others we did. She is advertising this to a big audience. Make sure your answers are detailed. I also left in th emiddle of wrioting the questions so add add add stuff you think of I am at the nurse's now...sorry for mistakes.
Create a new page on your homepage and answer the following questions:

Write down you first reaction to the CMTs:i think the CMT's are w waste because they just findout if we are smart and where we get placed next year. i dont think we should do them every year like we do because we might not learn something and we might need to learn it.

What was on the test that was unfamiliar?the sceince was unfamiliar because this is the first year that we did the sceience section and i did not know some of the stuff on it because it was from like 6th grade.

Do you believe that a child's intelligence and skills can be measured by standardized tests?no because they might not try , and they might not like it and something might be better for them and if they dont lik ethe subject they might not try.

Is it a fair way of classifying/grading all children?no i dont think so because some kids might be better at one thing then the other. for example one kids might like math and sceience and they might be a nerd and they other kids might not like any subject they just come to school not to be bored all day and they might not care.

Does it have a positive impact on your education?no because i really dont think it helps me out in the long run because if you go for a job interview they dont even look at your CMT score.

Does it accurately measure what you learned?no it does not because you might pay the closest atteation in school and in all of your calsses but if there is one thing on the test you might not know it and you might think of yourself as DUMB.

If you were to design a test to accurately measure a students knowledge...what would be on it, what type of questions, subjects, how many days,etc.. Be very, very complete here. i think i would let the kids make their own test base on what they like to do and what the are interested in.



**//bob the squirrel!!!!!!//**


1-Something you do: I like to ride my quad with all my friends.
2-Something you believe: I belieive in living life should be fun and kinda harsh
3-Something you listen to: muisc rap country r&b lots more
4-Something you eat; food ice cream
5-Some place you want to be: back in virgina beach
6-Something you want to be: a famous bmx rider
7-Something you cannot do without: my bike
8-Something you would change: my sisters
9-Something that you are known for: being funny and nice around my friends and being a roll model
10-Something you want: life
DK General Lee '07
DK General Lee '07