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1-Something you do:

2-Something you believe:
Yankees Fans Parking...  ;)
Yankees Fans Parking... ;)

3-Something you listen to:
Coheed & Cambria - Claudio Sanchez - ©Jason Wilder
Coheed & Cambria - Claudio Sanchez - ©Jason Wilder

4-Something you eat: pepperoni pizza.
5-Some place you want to be: in a bed
6-Something you want to be: famous basketball player or accountant
7-Something you cannot do without:clothes
8-Something you would change: my apperence
9-Something that you are known for: jokes
10-Something you want: to be rich

As soon as I saw this, I laughed because this is exactly "YOU" except that I was dissappointed that you want to change your appearance! You are handsome. Why would you want to change your appearance. Oh, maybe you meant you would rather wear a tie!! Ha! HA! Ha!