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Harriet Tubman -- Nineteenth Century by trackchick58

Oregon Trail!! Oh Hey!!!! Omj!!!! Cheap Kelbasha!!!!

CMT Question thingy!!!

My awesome Editorial Cartoon!!!!!!!! lol

Editorial Cartoons <3 lol

Children's Book HA HA!!!!!!!

Translation of the Star Spangled Banner!!!=>HA HA

Presidential Primary Evaluation AD

latest blog post!!! balh blah blah blah!!!!

Lewis and Clark

lewis and clarks notes <3

George Washington LIZZY ashely!!!

trackchick58 Battle of Bunker Hill!!!

Pluto Song77

1-I play sports!!!!
2-I believe that maricles can happen!!
3-I listen to music!!!!
4-I eat FOOD!!!!
5-I want to be in Texas!!
6-I want to be a pro soccer player!!!
7-I could not do without food and my friends!!!
8-I would change the fact that so many people are poor and or homeless!!
9-Im none to be very blonde!!
10-I want to pass eigth grade!
Guidance through Sports - 5.5.2007
Guidance through Sports - 5.5.2007
fresh mini doughnuts
fresh mini doughnuts
Too Fast
Too Fast