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haha two of my favorite things Harry Potter and funny words!!!!

Hermione Granger

Something that you do: Play video games because, well I don't know why I just played one once and got hooked.
Something that you believe: Even when you are being born, you are dying. This is a very abnormal thought, especially for when I thought of it, at my cousin's Sweet 16.
Something that you listen to: Linkin Park, Taylor Swift
Linkin Park
, I don't know how I had suddenly become a fan of Linkin Park and Taylor Swift, it just happened.
Something that you like to eat: Pizza, there isn't really a reason for it, i just do.
Some place you want to be: Seattle, I like the rain so it is somewhere that I would love to go probably.
Something you want to be known for: Computers, I am really good with certain types of computers and technology. Over the summer I went to a camp with a very hard to grasp application and I understood it in about one day.
Something you cannot do without: My laptop, I am always on my laptop learning some more about it.
Something you would change: The world or at least The U.S. because we all must make some sort of difference. earth.jpgsorry this like will be up in a bit, I accidentally forgot to add the hyperlink so it won't be up quite yet, in a couple days though I assure you it will.
Something you are known for: Harry Potter because I somewhat look like him when he was younger and I am obsessed with the books/movies.
Something you want to know more about: Certain Books there really isn't much about the books. Just books in general.

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The most likely Most addictive game ever!!!