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Alex is Blazin. #17

my favorite search engine is yahoo. my blog.
Something that I do is play soccer and basketball. Something that I believe is that abominable snowmen live in the mountains.external image 399814485_830441cfa8_m.jpg
Something that I listen to is old school rap, some rock, and alternative. Mostly old music is my favorite because it had more meaning. My favorite group is Kool and the Gang and favorite artist is Bob Marley because his messages are true, simple, and strong.
Something that I like to eat is steak because it tastes the best.external image 139342653_d7230d22ed_t.jpg
Some place I want to be is my bed because I always feel calm and rested. I also want to be in the Phillipines because that is where my grew up and lived most of his life. He always tells cool stories and I really want to learn more about it and experience it first hand.
external image 2295223186_9fe348378e_m.jpg

Something I want to be is a professional soccer player. Soccer is my favorite sport and I play it all the time.
Something I cannot do without is music because it calms me down and can always here what I need to through music.external image 201207031_daaa57fd29_t.jpg
Something I would change is me being lazy because a lot of times it gets me in trouble.
Something I want to be known as is someone who always tries hard even if I don't understand what I'm doing or don't believe in it.external image 856525277_3252f8ccde_t.jpg
Something I want to know more about is the future and what will happen to me, my friends, and my family.