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Something that I do is play the Guitar.

B.C. Warlock (old guitar)

Something that I believe is ghosts.
Something that I listen to is SLAYER, Metallica (83-91), Megadeth, DragonForce, Necrophagist, A7x, Trivium, R.H.C.P, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Poison and much much more. (mostly metal)
Something that I like to eat is fried chicken.

Some place I want to be is in California because thats where most musicians live.
Something that I want to be is a guitarist in a metal band.
Something I cannot do without is my guitar.
Kerry King SIgnature (current guitar)

Something I would change is getting rid of modern music... its horrible.
Something I want to be known as is a guitarist.
Something I want to know more about is other universes.

Herman Li Signature $3000!!!

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