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Something that I do is take dance lessons because i enjoy it and have fun learning new kinds of dance moves.
Something that I believe in is myself because you have to believe in yourself to accomplish your dreams.
Something that I listen to is Rascal Flatts because my family is big on the country music.



Something that I like to eat is chicken pot pie because my grandma used to make it for me when i was sick.
Some place I want to be is New Hampshire becasue I love skiing and thats where we ski.


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Something I want to be known for is a good friend because i want to have a lot of different friends.
Something I cannot do without is my family because they love me and are always there for me.



Something I would change is how people treat others because everyone should be treated equally.
Something I am known for is being quiet and shy because I tend to get nervous very easily.
Something I want to know more about is the future and what it will be like because i want to see how there life was different from mine.


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