movie story board aliciag
alll my work amg

Something that you listen to milEy cYruS & tAylOr sWifT there songs are AMAZ i NG =

purse.jpgI luv juicycouture

Something that you like to eat french fires becuase they taste really good :)fries.gif

Some place you want to be North Carolina Outer Banks on a beach becuase they weather they is rlly nice!


Something that you do is volleyball because its a really fun sport! :)

Something you want to be known for being polite n respectful so people will want 2 be around me.

Something you cannot do without i cant do anything with out my firends there amazing!!


Something you would change i would change being shy and 2 start bein more talktive

Something you are known being odsessed with zac efron!!!

external image spaceball.gif

Something you want to know more abut the wiki


Zahiaaaa was heree, <3 i loveee you!