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Hi! I'm Allyson!:) I love to shop with my friends, and my favorite color is pink! Also, I love to go on vacation with my family to places warm and go on boats! I love to sing and act. Its my passion!

My Lily!

Something that I love to do is go on vacation with my family in places warm because it is so nice to travel to a warm place!

Me and My Family!

Something that I believe is that you should be who you want to be and believe in yourself because that's what my mom has always told me!

Something that I listen to is a little bit of Country Music,Hip-Hop,and Rap, and Taylor Swift, because I love all different varieties of music!

Something that I love to eat is all Italian Food because I am a true Italian!


Some place I would love to be is Hawaii,or Europe because I have always dreamed of going to Hawaii or Europe especailly Maui, and Paris!


Something that I want to be known for is that i have a great personality, and just me, because i want to be remembered for me and not anybody else!

Something I cannot do without is probably my friends and family because they are the one that help me be who I am! 100_1569.JPG

Something that I am known for is being very very loud!

Somthing that I would love to learn more about is more about people around the world and their cultures and apparel because I just find it so interesting!

Somthing that i would change is probally my hair because it is the most thickest hair in the world!