All my work Alveeab11 I play a lot of video games because i'm good at it, I love playing, and I can talk to my friends at the same time. I love playing Modern Warfare 2 because in the game you need a lot of teamwork and tactical plans if you want to win.


I believe that too much homework should be illegal because it hurts students minds, it wastes their time, and it's all review. I also think school should start an hour later but end an hour later also.


I listen to Eminem because he doesn't rap about money or cars, he raps about life. His music never gets boring and you can actually understand what he's saying.


I love to eat international foods because there is a lot of variety, it's unique, and I like opening Fourtune Cookies.


I want to be at school less and at home more because I think kids spend way too much time with their teachers than their parents, they should be with their friends more often, and schools should all give laptops with webcams so you could go to school from home.


I want to be known for being that millionaire that has a lot of cars in the future, lots of video games, and lots of happy people living in my house.


I could not do anything without my friends because I make them laugh, they make me laugh, and I couldn't live without them.


I would change the way I get home from taking the bus because the bus is so loud, it's always late, and I don't like walking up 2 hills from my bus stop with a very heavy backpack.

I am known for being that kid that always makes his friends laugh whenever they are sad, bored, or just want to hear a funny joke. My friends also make me laugh a lot too. My favorite types of jokes are Yo Mama jokes. They are really funny.

want to know more about how I can start my own business so I can earn lots of money, I will get lots of respect, and I could buy whatever I would want.