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Something that you do: i like to play tennis becuase its fun and i can play with my friends and family
Something that you believe: i believe that ever one should be treated equaly
Something that you listen to: i listen to music
Something that you like to eat: i loveee sushi because i like seafood
Some place you want to be:
i want to be at the beach beacuse its one of my
favorite places to relax BEACH!!!!.jpg and have fun

Something you want to be known for: being a good friend
Something you cannot do without: my cell phone
Something you would change: i
would change global warming because
amimals are dieing and places are melting
Something you are known for: being sometimes insanly crazy and outgoing
Something you want to know more about:
i want to no more about Europe because
i want to go there someday


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