manda's ♥ Wiki!!! :)♥

♥Somethings that I like to do:
I'm a bookworm so I love to read and to write and I'm always listening to music!

Candy-Mandy loves Trinh-Whinney.<5619

♥Something I believe in:
I know that a lot of people don't believe in this, but I kind of believe that the world will end on December 21, 2012. I don't fully believe in it, but I feel like theres a possibilty that it could.

♥Something I listen to:
I literally always have my iPod headphones in my ears whenever I'm not in school. I like to listen to pop-rock, gothic rock, trance, and sometimes country, but it depends on the artist. Taylor Swift, Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and Evanescence are my favorite bands/singers.

Taylor Swift


mething I like to eat:

I hate meat and almost never eat it, so I eat these Bocca Burgers instead. They're basically veggie burgers and they're sooo good!!! I eat them all the time!

♥Some place I want to be:
I don't know too much about Italy, but I really want to visit Rome someday.
Coliseum of Rome

♥Something I want to be known for:
I really want to stop animal cruelty someday and I also want to become a famous auther.
omething I can't do without:
my iPod, friends, and books!

♥Something I would change:
The amount of time spent in school. I think that we spend too much of our time in school and we should shorten that time and have school start at a more reasonable time.

♥Something I am known for:
I'm known for the way that I dress. I hate to wear whats "in" and I hate labels, but if I really like something with a label, then I'll buy it. I don't like to follow what everyone else wears and does.

♥Something I want to know more about:
Like I said before, I want to visit rome someday, so I would really like to learn more about it's history and it's culture.♥