All my work amyor11

I play softball. I like to play softball because all my friends play and its alot of hard work to get to learn the sport and my faverote part of it is the competion because i get to play agenst my friends and other kids.
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I believe that humans should be more respectfull of the well being of the earth. we have been using cars and veacles that produce alot of poulition that is making the earths ozone layor thiner and that is causing the suns heat to penitrate the layor and cause something called the green house affect. The green house affect is when the suns heat gets through the ozone layor but cant get out and is trapped inside to cause the earths atmosphere to heat up. And that causes global warming.
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I listen to pop rock and country music because I grew up listening to country music and then started to like pop and rock too. My faverote artist is taylor swift because she is pop and country singer. I thought that it sounded cool the way the different types of music now I like all the kinds of music.

I love to eat lemmons and limes because im the only person in my family that can eat sour things and not make that weird face. I think it tastes sweet not sower. and it makes people laugh when i just stick it in my mouth and dont react to the taste.

I want to be at Lyman Hall high school next year, for there vo-ag programs and learn how to become a wildlife biologist. i want to travel the world learning about and researching wildlife. And would like that to become my occupation some day.

I want to be known for my knowledge of wildilife biology and ecology. Because I love wildlife and i want to become a wildlife biologist and travel the world when i grow up. My dream is to be out in the wilderness just me and the wildlife to do research

I could not do without my family, they are always there for me and even if we fight we still care about and love eachother. My family is the one thing that holds me together when nothing goes right. I love them and would do anything for them.

I would change my familys income rate if i could by helping my mother and father get better jobs that pay more money and can't lay off peole. I would change this because i love them and want them to be as happy as they can be.

I am known for my artistic ability and being able to work well with little children.I am also known for my love for animals and ecoligy. I would like to have a job working with animals and a side job for art and something to do with children. I like to do face painting on little children because ther are so adorable and they love what it looks like at the end. If i get to work with animals then i would be able to have a wildlife resque sancuary,to rescue and rehibilitate animals. face_painting.jpg
I want to know more about wildlife biology and ecoligy so i can get a good educaton and go to a good cologe that studys vo-ag. I I get into vo-ag for high school then i know that i can accomplish my dreem of becoming a wildlife biologest and traveling the world someday.