Andrew Jackson was very racist. He had his own slaves so he was for slavery. Jackson called his slaves poor workers not slaves. Andrew Jackson did not oppose slavery, but he did respect them. In 1804 Jackson owned 9 slaves, by 1829 over 100, and at the time of his death in 1845 approximately 150 slaves lived and worked on the property. In a runaway notice Jackson offers a $50 reward for the capture of one of his slaves. He also offers a $10 bonus for every hundred lashes the slave is given up to 300 lashes. Andrew Jackson purchased his first slave in 1794. Over the next sixty-six years the Jackson Family would own over 300 slaves, with about 150 being the most they ever owned at one time. When his slaves were obedient, he treated them well. When they were disobedient or ran away, he could be very harsh and cruel in his punishment of them.