all my workI play... Lots of different sports. I play football, tennis, soccer, and basketball. I like to play video games, especially the X-Box 360.  My favorite games are ModdernWarfare2 and Left for Dead 4. I also love car games for the PS2. I especially like Need for Speed Carbon and Midnight Club 2 Dub addition Remix!! You can customize your cars however you want!!!436888403_fc16c7109a.jpg
From Bekah...

I believe... in aliens because I have seen an alien spacecraft flying over my house. It looked like it was round and it had lots of lights. It stopped in mid flight and hovered near the town hall. It just disappeared after that. It looked like it was black in color with lots of lights.


From elycefeliz

I listen to ... lots of different music, and my favorite band is Skillet. Skillet is an awesome band that is not well known... Yet. Skillet plays great rock music, and I like rock. They don’t swear or talk about anything bad in their songs, and that’s good. They also put on a great show. They are who inspired me to play the guitar, and I am learning how to play all of their songs. I am now creating my own songs. I have 3 songs in progress now.

From Totally Beca

I love to eat... steak grinders at Subway. I love to get it with American cheese and bacon on wheat bread. I love it because of all of the melted cheese, the meat and the very tasty steak. I also love pizza with pepperoni on it. I like it home made because it is extra fluffy, and I can make it however I want!!


Picture by: A. Currell's

I want to be at... the New York car show. I would love to go because there are lots of awesome cars. Some of the cars are Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, and lots of other cool cars. They also have a raffle to give away a Lamborghini Gallardo. It will be an exciting event, and I hope I can go.


Picture by: Vod Cars

I want to be known for... being a guitar legend. Guitar has always been what I could escape to, and it still is. I love the feeling of playing notes and putting them together. I love the way it feels when you play something and people love it and cheer. I also like how I can change a song up how I want it and then record it.

picture by: Chris_J

I could not do without... a cell phone. I spend a lot of my day talking and texting my friends. Texting is a good way to have a short little conversation without actually talking to the people. You can text directions, times, and many more things and not forget it for good. You can look back on your texts and see what you talked about days after the talk.


Picture by: Turkguy0319

I would change... the price of gas so it was more affordable to people. If people were spending less money on gas, they could spend more money on other things they want or need. It would help people get to work for less money so they could save more money. It would be less expensive to travel.


Picture by: Sausyn

I am known for... being a car lover. I can identify most of the cars that ever came out. I can also tell you what year a car is, but I am a little less accurate with that. I love to go fast, and I love to go to car shows. I was at a car show recently. I loved the burnout pit. It was so much fun to watch cars get engulfed in their own tire smoke. It was fun to see people pop their tires while burning out.
3761820158_51218d2655.jpgPicture by: Chad Horwedel
I want to know more about... engines. I would like to know more about engines because I think they are amazing. They have millions of different parts that move in every which way. Engines are very good to know about because if you are having engine problems, you can fix them yourself. You can also change the oil and buy the right parts.
541573045_a9323cc347_z.jpg1971 Mustang Mach 1 with a 351 Cobra Jet enginePicture by: SantiMB