All my work aniapI, i run track.,cross-country they help me get in shape, become faster,and it's outdoors so i can get fresh air, i follow the yankees and the U.S.A womens national soccer team, beacuse i hope to be on the U.S.A womens national soccer team, and i have loved the yankees since i was littleexternal image 3608253791_97c9d2ef75_m.jpg
I Believe..that if you work hard at something you'll be successfull,because you always have to push yourself always, believe you can do it, and never give up

I Drake, Taio Cruz, and The Black Eyed Peas, because i like the beat of the music,it pumps me up for soccer games,and it's fun to listen to when hanging out with friends
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I love to eat.. brownies, because it's chocolatey and moist, it's fun to make, and it's good on a cold winter day <3
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I want to be at...the beach, because its's soo relaxing,it's a fun way place to hang out, and i llove to hear the sounds of the waves
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I want to be known for...someone who is helpful and loyal, because i want to show that i am there for people, that i wont let anyone down, and that i am a good friend because i would never say something i know people won't want me to tell anyone else.
I could not do friends because they always know how to cheer me up when im sad, they are so fun to hang out with, and they are always there for me

I would change...The war because I think that everyone should live peacefully,that not fair that we are riskin people in our countries lives just to prove a pint,and that we should just live together in peace and harmony.external image 2179925968_732d734834_m.jpg
I am known for...being fun and outgoing,because it's just who i am, i like to talk to different people, and i love living life like that by just always having a good time and never missing a single minute of life because you never know what you might miss out on.

I want to know more about...Italy because,someday i want to go there and see all the tourist attractions, Itlay is one of my herritage and i want to see how people there live like,and i always like to learn about different cultures.