all my work anthony sI play the electric bass, I like the bass guitar because it is fun to play when you learn how to make your fingers walk faster, you can play cool music, and every band needs a bass player.

I believe that God is real, and I believe that the man who claimed to be Jesus Christ and died on the cross was in fact Jesus Christ. I believe in god because I am a Catholic, i go to C.C.D, and I try to go to Church.


I listen to 80's rock and metal, i also like current rock and metal, I like this music because it could pump you up, it is fun to listen to if you are board, and you can learn the songs on a instrument.

I love to eat watermelon during the summertime, it's juicy,and healthy for you, it fulfills your hunger and thirst, and it taste so good.


I want to be at Aruba, its my favorite vacation spot because the weather is so nice, the people are very friendly, and you can just chill out.

I want to be known for being an amazing bas player like Iron Maiden's; Steve Harris I want to, because he is the Eddie Van Halen of bass, one of the best bass players, and plays very fast.


I could not do without music I find myself listening to it veryday all the time, except for school... But any ways my favorite bands are; early 80's Iron Maiden, (I liked the singer better back then) and Bullet For My Valentine.


I would change, no, if I could change something it would be to start an instrument when i was young so i would be good at it, i wish i started bass when I was 10.

I am known for liking to watch skateboard videos. I watch them because they show cool tricks that I cant do, some make you say "OH DID YOU SEE THAT!?!?!?!? and they make you want to go outside and skate even if you're bad.

I want to know more about writing. I am good at L.A. But I have to revise and edit my stuff big time to make it good, I cant just write something and have a few things to fix, and sometimes, it don't not make no at all sense. (doesnt make sense at all haha, i am not as bad as that though)