All my work: Anthonybp11 I play baseball for the town that I live in. Baseball keeps you healthy and fit. I also play baseball because I am hoping to make ML. Baseball brings alot of happines and joy to lives. My favorite team is the Boston Redsox.
I believe that everyone has a reason in life. I think this because we make mistakes, then we get punished and learn from those mistakes and hopeful you never make that mistake again. God also put us on Earth so we could all work togther and so we can meet new people. God had ideas for every single person on Earth and it was to be succesfull.
I listern to alot of music. I useally listern to R&B, Jazz, and I like a couple of rock bands. My favorite song is Not Afraid by Eminem. I like that song because it makes you sit and think about life. I also like Rock because if you listern to the songs
closely you can kinda connect to the song. I like jazz because it gives you a chance you espress your self through instruments.
I like to eat pasta because it is healthy for you and it keeps you in shape. It is also a good energy source. I like eating pasta with sause, sause and meatballs, and pasta with melted butter and cheese.
I want to be at Fenway Park when I turn 14, bacause I love the Boston Redsox and they have and always will be my favorite team. I also want to go to Fenway Park because I love to watch sport games live
.I want to be known for being the youngest baseball player to be elected in the Redsox Hall of Fame bacause the Redsox are my favorite team, I would go out to every game and give my 100% and I would love to be known from all of "Sox Nation".
I could not do without food. Food is the greatest thing invented. They have so many good foods that make me go yum, such as a Baconator from Wendys and a Mac Wrap from Micdolnalds. Food also could provide you energy and can keep you healthy.If I could change anything about my self it would be nothing bacause if i wanted to change my self i would of had already and at this time I like my self the way i am. Also I think I am what I am for a reson.I am known for being athletic because I am in shape, I can run, and I am good at every sport that I play. I made the allstars for football and for baseball and I was one of the fastest on both teams.I want to know more about life. I want to know every thing possable, because there is so many things that I dont know. I also love learning about how humans evolved from what we were once apon a time. Also because life is a one time thing and I want to know why?