Some things I like to do are play tennis, hip hop, and read. Reading makes me feel like I'm on an adventure in my own house.I was watching TV one day and my dad was flipping through the channels and landed on the U.S Open tennis tournament. It looked awsome! So I told my mom about the sport and she helped me get started. I was also never very good at any other sport, so I thought tennis might be my kind of sport.
tennis_ball.jpg book_cover.jpg
Something I believe in is there is more to life that meets the eye. Everybody thinks that life is boring and there's no fun in life. I think we just have to find the fun!

I like to listen to the latest hits like Sean Kingston, and Lady Gaga. My favorites are Poker Face,Telephone, Nothing else I can say, Fire Burning on the Dance Floor,Eenie Meenie and Just Dance. sk.jpg

I like to eat ice cream ( who doesn't?) It's sweet and delicious.

Right now, I would want to be in Lake George, New York. I went on vacation for the first time to Lake George and I loved the lake and all of the boats, but all the motorcycles at 11:00 at night, I didn't like so much. You can view pics of the hotel I stayed in here.

I want to be known for my sense of humor. I'm shy in school and no one knows that I am great at cracking jokes.

I could not do anything without my supportive family and sister, and I'd never go home happy if I didn't have my new puppy: a Boggle(Boston Terrrier and a Beagle) named Sweetie,( but she's no sweetie!).boggle.jpg boggle_2.jpg

I would like to be more out going in school, so I'd like to change my shyness. I want everyone to know I'm very funny and nice.

I'm known for being creative. I can turn an ordinary written report into a play. I just hate boring stuff, everything should be creative and fun.

I want to learn more about dreams and how to become a successful author. Dreams are said to reveal secrets that you don't know about, I'm fascinated by them! I've always wanted to publish books that me and my sister are writing, only thing is, I don't know how.