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Something that i do is play softball! I love to play it because its a great way of
exersise and its extreamly fun too!!! I am also the pitcher on my softball team! :)

Ashley, Missy, Coach Terri, Lauren, Brianna
Ashley, Missy, Coach Terri, Lauren, Brianna

[[[[19th century hero/ ap10]]]]

Harriet Powers essayyyyyHarriet Powers essayyyyy

Fort Sumter Story

Something that i belive in is that you should always try your
best in everything you do so that you will succeed in life!

Im the Witch
Im the Witch

Something that i like to eat is spaghetti and meatballs.
It's great italian food , and i love to eat it when my mom
and grandpa make it!!! <333

Something that i listen to is my ipod , it helps me
zone out fromeverything else. It has music on it that
suits me!I never goanywhere without it,
i <<<333 Music!!!!!!!!!!!!

[[ ]]

One day i would like to visit Italy because
i have alot of family there that i have never

met before!


I want to be known for the girl with the softball in one hand and
the paintbrush in the other! I want to be known for this because
i love to paint and i am awsome at playing softball!!

Something that i want to change is to be less shy in class,
because things like this can hold me back in life from
the things i want to accomplish!

Something that im known for is being the pitcher
on my softball team! For throwing continuious
Something that i want to learn more about is people around the world an their cultures.
I just find things like that so interesting!

Culture/ Map
Culture/ Map

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