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I play basketball, track and cross country because they are all intense, competitive, and I've made a lot of new friends during these great sports.

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I believe that you can always exceed in school if you try hard because as long as you give a 100% effort the teacher will know, and respect that and you are more likely to get a better grade.

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I listen to music because the lyrics in the songs mean something to me, and because the music is fun to dance and sing too(:

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I love to eat ice cream sundaes because the cold ice cream and hot fudge mix together and taste good, and because I love desserts, and sweets.

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I want to be at the beach right now because I love relaxing, going in the ocean, and playing in the sand.

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I want to be known for someone who is always willing to help others because then I will have a good reputation, teachers will think good of me, and I will feel good about myself for helping others.

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I could not do without my friends and family because they are always there for me, when I'm sad they are always there to cheer me up, and I can always rely on them for help.

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I would change war so that everyone in the world can feel safe and that all countries like each other, and so that there is joy, happiness, and world peace everywhere(:

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I am known for being in the top 5 runners for the Moran cross country team and i hope to keep that reputation for this year because I think it is great to be able to compete in the A race at the state championships, I like to try to beat my record all the time, and because it feels good to be at the top of the pack!

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I want to know more about how to work the blogs and the wiki's because I think that they are a fun way to learn new things about people, I want to be able to edit my work faster, and because I want to be known as someone who is good at working the computer.external image 860181962_7aa9182419.jpg