Hey the name's Asia. I like to talk with my friends. Writing poetry is what I love to do. Helping people is another. I have many friends. I only trust a few though. School is okay I guess. I mean it's fun sometimes. I like it since I want to go to college. I want to major in writing and photography. I eat whatever is good (not fast food) I'm very impatient at times. I say "uhm" way too much. Guys are annoying =] just kidding I love my mom sometimes. I'm FAR from spoiled even though I tend to get my way. Uhm, idk...Oh! I like to wear skinny jeans! I get distracted easily. I have a strong opinion but I don't show it because I might get into trouble. I get tired a lot when the school year starts. I kind of think homework is fun (don't hit me) There seems to be something holding me back from being the way I want to be... That makes me sad. So does poverty. =[ Idk anything else. I'm sorry. Go to my blog, there's bunches of stuff there. Pce xo pl&h <333
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