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♥ I play alot of tennis,volleyball, martial arts, etc. I read,ALOT ^^ my favs are the Twilight series, wicked Lovely, the Last Apprentice series, ect. I also play the piano, flute and am learning the electric guitar. But over all, I love watching, reading, drawing, and basicly everything else that has to do with anime and manga ! ♪


§ I believe that we are all different people, but we all have one thing in common, we have a purpose in life . . .

♪ ♫ I listen to alot of alternitive/rock. for example , linkin park, breaking benjamin, RED, skillet, etc.But I also listen to alot of the 80's music, techno, ect. it all depends on the mood I'm in.☺


☻I eat alot of ramen... because well, it just tastes good!! ^^


♣I want to go to Tokyo, Japan, because I love to see and explore alt of the new technology, and Japan is one of the most advanced in that category. But I would also like to see one of the greatest animation producers in Japan, Hayao Miyazaki, because all of his art work has inspired me so much.

I would like to be known as an idividual person ☺

I will never be able to live without my friends and family, because they mean everything to me . . . ♥

If I could, I would stop all these wars that are going on, and have the prices to go down on things, so that we can spend more time with our families, and stop our parents from working to supply the nessecities for us . . .

○ I am known for. . . my art ? I'm not really sure but, I may seem different to different people I can never tell.

I want to learn more about, why the world is the way it is, I mean eveyone says that everything happens for a reason, but does anyone know that reason?