All My Work augustinalb11 Augustina's WikiI play with graphic designing because i like to to create stuff online that other people can see. I like to edit pages and make them colorful. It's also a great way to express yourself.
I believe that baseball is boring. I get bored watching people hit a ball wit a bat and run round and around and around. I also think that there's no point to the game. Watching sports, in my opinion, is a waste of time.I listen to Nevershoutnever, Paramore, and a lot of youtube music videos. Music almost always helps me to concentrate on what I'm doing. I just...don't like screamo or country... I like the beat of alot of songs. Sometimes, when the song is a love story, I like those too.
I love to eat Italian food. I'm Italian so it's naturally yummy. Plus, alot of it is good for you. My mom's home made pasta is my favorite. It tastes like ...well, I can't describe it exactly.
I want to b e at my house in an air conditioned room because it's extremley hot. Overheated rooms are not good. Especially when coming back from running around in gym (the mile).

Idoggyyy.jpg want to be known for being a volenteer at animal shelters. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling after I've helped out an innocent animal. Also, it's really fun to play with the little puppies or kittens.

I could not do without my friends. They are always there for me. We almost always have a good time together. Like during the summer, me and a few my friends went to 6 flags. We waited in line for like 6 hours total in lines, but we didn't even notice because I rarley ever get to see them, and we were talking the entire time.

I would change the way people think. Alot of people see money as number 1. I don't. I think people should think more about others and less about material possesions.
I am known for being myself and not caring what others think. Alot of people my age judge people on appearences, but I don't. I judge people on how they treat others. Sounds corny, I know.I want to know more about the way that other people see things. If you think about it, everyone sees everything in a different way, and to me, that's pretty interesting. If you took an apple and said "What is this" most people would say an apple. But people would also say a piece of fruit, food, or something like that.