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I like to make movies in my spare time because it's a great way to pass time.
I beleive that Bush doesn't know what he's saying half of the time he talks because he stammers alot.

Put this picture on your wikispace page if you think Bush wasn't a good president.
My favorite band is STP (Stone Temple Pilots). I want to learn to play most of their songs.
I LOOOVE Puerto Rican food, specifically rice and beans because thats what I've eaten all of my life.
I'd like to go to either New York City or Chicago to see the landmarks.
I want to be known for my movies someday. (I'm getting pretty close, one of them has over 150,000 views external image 727%20Rocket.bmp[3]
I could not live without Youtube because I go on there daily.
I would change the driving age from 16 to 13 so I could drive a Hummer.

I am known for my musical talent. I've been playing since I was 4.
I want to know why gas is more expensive. I want to change that.

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