my xbox name is bigexplosions13

austin (click pictures to go to person who created its site)

i like anime and manga such as bleach naruto and deathnote not to forget d-grayman
my favorite band is three days grace they rock

Something that you do-bike ride
Something that you believe-manga its the bust book type in the world
Something that you listen to-three days grace, tokio hotel because there sound is awsome it is what is cool now
Something that you like to eat-3317427292_3edefbdae7.jpg
Something you want to be known for-beeing a sony and microsoft game fan
something you cannot do without-my friends
Something you would change- my height
Something you are known for- liking anime because i like anime
Something you want to know more about- the science of genetics

Some place you want to be- tokyo, japan japan is one place i have always wanted to go it is the tech and manga/anime capital of the world
fall_out.jpgby micheal...sasuke.JPG

itachi.JPGnaruto pics
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