All my work belenp
I play ´╗┐pool with my friends why because its fun we bet money and i like winning. pool.jpg
I believe in god, why because im catholic also i believe that he made this world and died for us so that we can live.
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I listen to alot of different type of music why because i like loud music i love dancin and its fun!
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I love to eat ceviche why because its a mexican food, it has shrimp in it, and taste really good! ceviche.jpg
I want to be at Lyman hall why because i have all my friends there, a lot of mexicans go there, and i like what they study.
I want to be known for being smart,funny,loveing, caring, responsable,helping my friends when they need help, why because i am all those thing and i love being it every second of my life!
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I could not do without the help of my friends and familly why because without them i'd be nothing, for me family and friends come first, they have always been there when i needed them.
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I would change my date of birth why because most of my friends are older than me, i look older, and sometimes i wants to be older.
I am known for being a shy,talkative,nice,tough person why because thats just how i am, i will always be like that, and never change.
I want to know more about my friends in school why because i have some classmates i dont even talk to, i would like to interacxt with them, and make new friends.