All my work bhhenryI play

Iacrosse in the spring and fall. It's enjoyable for me becuase I likecontact sports. What's also appealing to me in this sport is that it's very active with all the running and passing you do. Scoring a goal is the best feeling in the world for me. I feel like I've accomplished something huge and helped my team when I score. I also shoot rifles and bow and arrows, hunt deer, climb, and mountain bike. All of this I do on my orchard so it's relitivly inexspensive to do.
Me shootining a double barrel 16 guage shotgun at clay pigeons

I belive

In the constitution. This document was written by the smartest men of their time, which leads me to belive that I can trust them. When finished, the paper was then sent to King George of England, who we were in war with at the time. By sending the paper to him the founding fathers put their lives on the line for America. Talk about risk.

I listen to 

Music because It keeps me from getting bored. Also it can calm me when I,m angry or keep me focused on my homework.

I love to eat

Ice cream because it cools me down on a hot day. I love that there are so many choices to choose from. The texture of ice cream is perfect not a liquid and not a solid.

I want to go to

Jamaica. My parents went there once and said it was a really good experience. Jamaica, like all tropical islands has a warm climate. I love the heat because it is relaxing in a way and you can do activties involving water, so Jamaica is perfectfor me. The people that work on my farm come from this island and tell me what a nice place it is. They describe it as being a place where the time seems to go by very slow and it's always happy there.

A jamaican beach
A jamaican beach
I want to be known for

Being a proffessinal laccrosse player because I like to play it. The sport has been my true passion for a long time and I truly enjoy playing it. It's a contact sport which pulls me into it. Also I like being a team player. When I score a goal or make a good pass it's for the good of the team, not just for me.

I could not do without

My orchard because it gives me something to do. My family makes money by growing and selling fruit on our orchard, so we wouldn't have money if our orchard went away.
A row of apples in my orchard

I would change

Who's in the government system right now because America's currently in a recession thanks to the politicians. Back in the 1700's things were a lot simpliar because people in the government did what was best for the country. Today's politicians do what's best for themselves and what gets them money.

I am known for

Having an orchard. Also for being a kid that tries hard in school. I listen intently in class and do my home work on time.
Apples in my store

I want to know more about

America's Civil war. I don't know a lot about this topic and always thought it was cool. The war ended slavery so it was a pretty big thing back then. Abraham Lincolnn had a big role in making this possible, I found it pretty cool that one man could make such a difference.

Abraham Licoln
Abraham Licoln