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Everything below is from Ben Wilkoff's site: http://yongesonne.wikispaces.com/Classroom+Blogging

Help for Advanced Users:

How I created a blogging program in my classroom (All of my resources are works in progress):

external image p391739660_13936.gif?sc_id=1160155543
  1. Set up blogs with students through a how-to.
  2. Collect all user names and passwords through a jotform. (Here is mine.)
    • Use a bloglines account to export an OPML file of all of the students' blogs.
    • Use the OPML file and grazr to set up a place for students to explore each others' blogs and foster a writing community. (Here is mine.)
  3. Discuss and explore authentic writing topics.
  4. Create blogging rules with students to maximize buy-in.
  5. Discuss and model great comment writing.
  6. Create a format for honoring great writing on student blogs.
  7. Create a way of authentically assessing authentic writing with students.
Not my collection below...lost the source!!

Others' Classroom Blogging Resources:

  1. Talkr- Talkr converts blog entries into audio files (podcasts) that can be listened to on the computer or downloaded to an MP3 player (like an IPod). I have used this to help students hear their writing, bring the writing community away from the computer, and compare and contrast verbal vs. written power/persuasion.
  2. Justification and Resistence to classroom blogging.
  3. Blogging advice from the experienced classroom blogger to the not so experienced classroom blogger.
  4. Blogging as a writing tool- This video advice for bloggers is from one of the original boingboing creators. The videos that I find the most interesting are "Blogging as a Writing Tool" and "How to succeed in Blogging." Here is another way of thinking about effective blogging.
  5. A Discussion of Authentic Voices in Blogging. and Another take on Authentically responding to student writing.
  6. Collaborative Writing- This is one of the places that I would eventually like to go with my classroom blogging.
  7. external image 252201223_6ba94815b0_m.jpgDevoting an entire blog to one theme- This is such an interesting idea to me, especially when looking at something as specific as apostrophe use. Check out the Flickr feed on the links within this page (The picture is from this feed and the t-shirt reads, "You're girlfriend kisses Good."). It is fantastic. (Here is a different site dedicated to misused quotation marks.)
  8. Resources for making student blogs better. and Here is another Resource Page.
  9. Reading means editing- This different orientation for reading can be extremely powerful when doing classroom blogging.
  10. The Benefit of Irrelevant Posts.
  11. Examples of elementary school blogging.
  12. Support Blogging- A resource to help convince the technology/blogging doubters in your community. Here is another one of these resource pages.
  13. Research and Instructions for Classroom Blogging.
  14. Another way of setting up blogs in your classroom- A well worded how-to.
  15. Many Classroom Blogging projects that have been tested.

Everything below is from:



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That's when the committee took a look at their online activity...") - Ivan Tribble (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 8 Jul. 2005)
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a) definition/contrasting/comparing blogs to forums, web pages, wikis b) best blog providers c) where to find and how to place add-ons like list of links, a tagboard / comment box, voice d) how to make blogs collaborative and interactive e) blog management in your everyday routine.") - Barbara Dieu (Feb. 2004)
If you have problems accessing this e-book presentation, click here for the .htm document
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Resources and Examples
RSS (file format) - Wikipedia
RSS History - Dave Winer (Harvard Law, 6 Apr. 2004)
RSS Quickstart Guide
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State of the Blogosphere, April 2006 Part 2: On Language and Tagging - David Sifry (1 May 2006)
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Ten Tips for a Better Weblog - Rebecca Blood (7 Jan. 2005)
The ABCs of RSS ("...In simple terms, RSS is a format for aggregating Web content in one place. an RSS feed ... uses a type of software called an "aggregator" or feed collector to check the feeds you subscribe to, usually every hour, and collect all the new content from those sites...") - Will Richardson (techLearning, 15 May 2005)
The Art of Blogging - Part 1 - George Siemens (1 Dec. 2002)
The Art of Blogging - Part 2 - George Siemens (6 Dec. 2002)
The Art of Blogging (Summary Notes) - George Siemens (7 May 2004)
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Blog software coparison chart (updated 18 May 2006)
Tips on blogging safely for parents and kids (7 Jul. 2005)
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Understanding Different Weblog Software and Systems ("...Blogging platforms are best categorized as follows: Hosted weblog providers; Stand-alone weblog software; and Remote weblog systems....") - Sheila Coggins (About.com)
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Untangling Blogs & RSS (presentation) - Teri Vogel and Doug Goans
Using LiveJournal for Authentic Communication in EFL Classes ("This paper describes a way for teachers to set-up and facilitate authentic international communication in the EFL classroom using LiveJournal.com: a free, hosted weblog tool with a 1.9 million-member-strong community of active users and built-in social networking features. It also highlights the potential that social software, like LiveJournal, has for encouraging greater autonomy and self-direction in foreign language learning.") - Aaron P. Campbell (Internet TESL-J, Sep. 2004)
Videoblogging ("a quick overview of what videoblogging is, who's using it in higher education, why it's significant, and what are the downsides"; ELI, Aug. 2005)
Virtual Learning: A toe in the pool of the new media ("Weblogs have changed the media recently, bringing a vibrant and independent quality to personal expression and the delivery of news. In the same way they are changing language teaching, because a devoted group of teachers are using them to help students get started in the new technology, the new media, and the new forms of expression...") - Thomas Leverett (Global Study, Oct. 2005)
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Weblogs for Use with ESL Classes ("The purpose of this paper is to introduce three ways that weblogs can be used to support ESL classroom learning. After defining what a weblog is, I will proceed to show how weblogs can be put into immediate use in the ESL classroom by means of three distinct types: the tutor weblog, learner weblog, and class weblog. I will also mention the software available for creating and maintaining weblogs.") - Aaron Patric Campbell (The Internet TESL Journal, Feb. 2003)
Weblogs in Education - David Carraher (9 Apr. 2003)
Weblogs in Education: Bringing the World to the Liberal Arts Classroom ("A new, easy-to-use web publishing tool known as a weblog allows users to publish content to the web from their browsers, providing users with an unprecedented ability to participate in the internet community. In the true liberal arts tradition, teachers and students are using these tools to effectively break down the walls of the classroom, integrating teaching and learning with local and virtual communities.") - Sarah Lohnes (The NITL News, Winter 2003)
Weblogs in English Teaching Education ("discussion at JALT 2005 "Sharing our stories") - James M. Hall (Oct. 2005)
Weblogs: The Possibilities are Limitless! - Anne Davis (presentation at NECC 2004)
What are the possibilities for weblogs in education?
Web logs in Education FAQ - Will Richardson (weblogg-ED, 15 Feb. 2003)
Welcome to the 'new' Web, same as the 'old' Web ("...News feed readers are less about "news" as they are an alternative on-ramp to the Web...") - Christine Boese (CNN.com Technology, 15 Jul. 2003)
What are the Differences Between Message Boards and Weblogs? - Lee LeFever (24 Aug. 2004)
What are weblogs? - Dave Winer (4 Jun. 2001)
What are weblogs? - Dave Winer (Nov. 2001)
What is audioblogging? - Mitch Ratcliffe (13 Sep. 2002)
What is RSS?
What is RSS? (basic tips) - Barbara Bray (techLearning, 23 Aug. 2005)
An introduction to RSS news feeds - James Lewin (IBM, 1 Nov. 2000)
What's all the Fuss with RSS? - Alan Levine (Jul. 2003)
What's The Fuss with RSS? (numerous links)
What makes a weblog a weblog? - Dave Winer (23 May 2003)
What We're Doing When We Blog - Meg Hourihan (13 Jun. 2002)
When Blogging Goes Bad: A Cautionary Tale About Blogs, Email Lists, Discussion, and Interaction - Steven D. Krause
When Weblogs Can Be Harmful ("...we are approaching a historic moment when we will be able to gather far more information about what people know much more quickly. In the abstract, this is a good thing. But does it always lead to the practical effect of better decision-making? I think not...") - Michael Feldstein (eLearn Magazine, 27 Aug. 2004)
Who Are You? Weblogs and Academic Identity ("This article explores what it means to have an online identity in the light both of works by two commentators on identity in the postmodern world, Madan Sarup and Walter Truett Anderson, and of the author’s own experience of blogging over the past five years. Weblogs, while they afford opportunities for identity construction and reconfiguration, can end up changing their authors’ sense of identity in ways they may not expect.") - Rory Ewins (E-Learning, 2005)
Who says elementary students can't blog? - Anne Davis (11 Nov. 2004)
Why blog in the classroom? - Charles Lowe (26 Apr.2003)
Why Weblogs? ("Ideas from various sources") - Will Richardson (2003)
Writing with Web Logs ("An emergent genre is making a space for students to publish online...") - Kristen Kennedy (Tech Learning, 15 Feb. 2003)
Writing with Weblogs: Reinventing Student Journals ("...Blogs offer a communication medium that is more structured than an e-mail list and more focused than a discussion board. The structure creates a framework for social networks and taps a basic human desire to interact and communicate. The thousands who join the blogging revolution each week testify to the potential of the new medium. The instructional potential is striking.") - Glen Bull, Gina Bull, and Sara Kajder (L&TT, Sep. 2003)

Blog hosts/Bloggers (free)

20six ("is the UK's largest weblogging community". It's free)
21Publish ("the turnkey solution to start your own brabded blog community")
audblog ("a service that provides bloggers with the ability to post audio to their blogs from any phone. At the end of the trial sign up we will provide you with the telephone number...all you have to do is call the number and the world hears you")
audioBlogger ("provides bloggers with the ability to post audio to their blogs from any phone")
How does Audio Blogger work? - Jeremy Allaire (last updated 1 Jun. 2004)
How to Blog by Phone Using AudioBlogger - Sheila Coggins (About.com)
Blog-City Support
Blogger ("offers you instant communication power by letting you post your thoughts to the web whenever the urge strikes")
How to create a BLOG using Blogger - Vance Stevens (31 Aug. 2003)
Blogger for Word (plug-in download)
Blogger for Word (Blogger co-founder on th new feature; 16 Aug. 2005)
blogigo ("the place for stories")
Bloglines (free Web-based news aggregator; "Create a personal Bloglines page loaded with the freshest news about the things you love")
Adding RSS feeds to MY Yahoo page - Jeremy Zawodny
Using Bloglines (or How to keep up with dozens of blogs every day) - Preetam Rai (25 Apr. 2005)
BlogMatrix ("Blogging solutions for podcasting and videocasting")
Blogroots (resources on blog hosts)
Blog Software Breakdown ("This chart displays attributes of different user-installed blog software packages side-by-side for comparison. Only server-installed scripts will be included in this list. (Sorry, no Radio, Blogger, etc.) I created this chart to help figure out what blog tool best suited my needs. Hopefully, it will be useful to the self-hosted blogging community as well.")
Buzznet (photoblogging)
ClassChatter ("a free web log service designed specifically for the classroom. Classchatter.com puts powerful management tools in the hands of the teacher while protecting students' privacy and identities. Students are added into virtual "class" by a teacher or instructor where they may keep a personal blog, interact with fellow students' blogs or react to topical blogs created by the teacher. Classchatter is created and run by a full time teacher")
Edublogs.org (free blogs for educational professionals)
FeedReader ("a lightweight open-source aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats")
FeedSweep ("a new, free service that allows anyone to include news feeds on his or her web site")
Flickr (photoblogging)
Fotolog.net (photoblogging)
Freevlog (a videoblog)
Greymatter ("with fully-integrated comments, searching, file uploading and image handling, completely customisable output through dozens of templates and variables, multiple author support, and many other features—while having perhaps the simplest installation process and easiest-to-use interface of any program offering this level of functionality")
Kablog (photo/moblogging software for mobile phone handsets)
LearnerBlogs.org (free blogs for K-12 students) - James Farmer (28 Oct. 2005)
Free Blogs for Schools
LiveJournal ("... is a simple-to-use (but extremely powerful and customizable) personal publishing ("blogging") tool...)
Blog/Host Provider Review: LiveJournal - Sheila Coggins (About.com)
Movable Type ("... customizable publishing system which installs on web servers to enable individuals or organizations to manage and update weblogs, journals, and frequently-updated website content")
What are SchoolBlogs? (Jan. 2002)
Technorati (a search engine for blogs)
UniBlogs ("free blogs for university students") - James Farmer
Weblog Kitchen
WordPress & WordPress ("an easy and powerful way to start blogging")

Blogs in Education

APCampbell: Under the Influence of Epoche (language teaching, psychology and various reflections) - Aaron Campbell
Bee Online (a meeting place for students to share opinions and relax) - Barbara Dieu
bgblogging - Barbara Ganley
Blog-EFL ("Observations and comments about the use of weblogs with students and teachers in ELT") - Graham Stanley (Jul. 2003)
Blogs & CMSs - Charles Lowe (a KairosNews blog)
Brandon's Online Magazine ("a collection of weblogs and podcasts written by Mr. Mayo's students at Brandon Middle School in Virginia Beach, VA.")
Brazil and Brazilians Connected - Carla Arena (2006)
CALL Lessons 2003-2004 - Teresa Almeida d'Eça and students
CALL Lessons 2004-2005 - Teresa Almeida d'Eça and students
CALL Lessons 2005-2006 - Teresa Almeida d'Eça and students
Class Blogmeister - David Warlick
Cool Cat Teacher Blog ("Teaching content with new tools, enthusiasm, and belief that teaching is a high calling.") - Vicki A. Davis
Curb Cut Learning: Accessibility, Universal Design and Distance Education - Christopher Phillips
EBN - Educational Bloggers Network
EdBlogger Praxis ("Examples of Educator, Pre-Service, EFL, Classroom, Collaborative, Project , etc, weblogs that are online") - Alberto Delgado
EDTEC700: Blogging in the Classroom - Bernie Dodge (Sep. 2004)
EduBlog Insights ("Comments, Reflections and occasional Brainstorms") - Anne Davis (2004)
Edublog WebRing
edublogs.org - beta - James Farmer
Educational Technology Blog - Ray Schroeder (UIS)
Educational Weblogs ("Disruptive Technology Resource for Educators using Weblogs, Blogware, Collaborative tools, RSS & Podcasting, web services and digital tools at home, school, university and community.") - Al Delgado
EFL Practices - Aaron Campbell (includes ideas on using audioblogs)
English-Blogs.com (collection of blogs about England)
Getting to know Brazil ("This is a blog to be used by 3rd graders from Wisconsin, USA, to learn more about Brazil. Ana Maria and her students from Brazil will be answering questions and sharing information with American students") - Ana Maria (Nov. 2006)
Have Fun with English! (for Teresa's EFL 5th and 6th graders) - Teresa Almeida d'Eça and students (2004-2005)
Have Fun with English! 2 (for Teresa's EFL 5th graders) - Teresa Almeida d'Eça and students (2006) - "Best Teacher Blog 2006" Edublog Award (17 Dec. 2006)
ICT in my Classroom - Tom Barrett (Jul. 2006)
jill/txt - Jill Walker
Learning & Technology Blogs (compiled bu eçearnspace)
Let's Blog! (for Teresa's EFL 7th graders) - Teresa Almeida d'Eça and students (2003)
McToonish - Heather M. Ross
OLDaily - Stephen Downes
Online Learning Update - Ray Schroeder (UIS)
Personal Reflections on Writing - Christine Meloni, Donald Weasenforth and students (7 Sep. 2005)
Introductions and Chat - Christine Meloni, Donald Weasenforth and students (13 Sep. 2005)
Economic Disparity - Christine Meloni, Donald Weasenforth and students (21 Sep. 2005)
Same-Sex Marriage - Christine Meloni, Donald Weasenforth and students (1 Oct. 2005)
Language at Work! - Christine Meloni, Donald Weasenforth and students (17 Oct. 2005)
Priestsic6 ("year 6's classroom blog) - Tom Barrett
SchoolBlogs - Peter Ford and Adam Curry
Schoolmaster's Blog ("trying to find out the potential of this blogging / podcasting tool for my teaching") - Uwe Klemm
Stepehen's Web - Stephen Downes
tBlog - Idioms are Fun! - Anne Davis
Teaching and Developing Online - Darren Cannell
Teaching English with Picture Books ("I teach English to kids (3-11) using an activity-based approach. My syllabus is led by the picture books (sometimes referred to as REALBOOKS) that I choose to focus on (one picture book may be featured in a series of lessons). This blog will describe some of the activities (action rhymes, songs, games and craft activities) that I did with some of the picture books I've used so far...") - Lucy Mellersh
Techlearning blog
Techno-News Blog (UIS)
Techszewski: A Digital Storytelling Blog - Tom Banaszewski
The Blogmeister - David Warlick (2005)
The English Blog: For Learners and teachers of English - Jeffery Hill
The Bardwell Road Centre Podcast ("for English language students by English language students") - Geoff Taylor (Jan. 2006)
Theme Tourism (produced by teachers and students of 'Turismo Sant Ignasi', Barcelona, Spain; "This weblog and accompanying podcast will look at a variety of different themes used to promote tourism today, and will be examining under the surface to see what issues are at stake, and what makes a particular theme successful or unsuccessful") - Graham Stanley
The New Tanuki (. . .for Aaron's EFL learners) - Aaron P. Campbell
The Write Weblog - Anne Davis
Thinking and Writing Wrinkles (ESL & Native English Classmates Learning Together) - Anne Davis
Video-chat unit blog (for 'English for Architecture' students in Caracas, Venezuela)- Dafne González (2003)
weblogg-ed ("using weblogs in Education") - Will Richardson
Weblogs at Harvard Law
WebQuest Portal (a weblog about webquests)
Wells Elementary and Blogging (k-4 students, 21st Century Digital Literacy Skills,Audio Notes) - Cheryl Oakes

Other Blogs

Audioblogging 2.0 ("communities of new audioblog posts and podcasts") - Harold Gilchrist
Blogdex ("the most contagious information currently spreading in the weblog community")
Brilliant Ignorance ("Essential freeware for the PC user") - Sudeep Bansal
Eastwikkers ("a group blog on technology, communications, and the place where they meet")
Hitchhikr ("we can't always make it to the conferences we need to attend to mix with the people we need to see -- face-to-face. This is why Hitchhikr was invented, to provide you with a virtual space where, thanks to blogs, podcasts, and RSS, we can connect, share, respond, and grow knowledge out beyond the place and time of the event") - David Warlick
Learning Circuits Blog ("learn like you've never learned before!")
Learning with Computers
Musings - Sharon Peters
TED (Technology Entertainment Design) Talks - Sir Ken Robinson
The Savvy Technologist
Waste of Bandwidth - Andy Carvin
Women of Web 2.0

Blog Etiquette

A Blogger's Code of Ethics - Jonathan Dube (CyberJournalist)
Eats, Blogs and Leaves - Jennifer Garrett (Aug. 2004)
Weblog Ethics - Rebecca Blood

Guides & Tips

Blogging Rules for Teens - Larry Magid
Blog Literacy ("If we are going to encourage students to become connected to social networks, we must also teach them strategies for handling the deluge of data they are going to experience. At the end of the day, they still have examinations to pass, and they don't have unlimited time. Here are a few suggestions which may be of use when it comes to reading blogs.") (techLearning, 6 Jun. 2006)
Blog Peripherals: Enhancing your Blog's Presence - Miguel Guhlin (techLearning, 17 Jul. 2006)
Free Blog Software / Hosting
Moderating blog comments (techLearning, 6 Jul. 2006)
Safe Blogging Advice for Parents - Larry Magid
Tag, You're It! (techLearning, 7 Jun. 2006)
Teens Guide to Safe Blogging - Larry Magid
Ten habits of bloggers that win! - Vicki A. Davis, aka Cool Cat Teacher
Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes - Jakob Nielsen (17 Oct. 2005)
What Parents Need to Know About Blogging - Anne Collier
Your Students Are Blogging - Larry Magid


Blog On: Building Online Communities with Web Logs - Todd Stauffer (2002)
Blogging: Genius Strategies for Instant Web Content - Biz Stone (2002)
Essential Blogging - Shelley Powers, Cory Doctorow et al. (O'Reilly, 2002)
Essential Blogging (sample chapter: 'Advanced Blogger')
Our ABC Blook on Blogging - The Wrinkles Weblog Group
Running Weblogs with Slash - chromatic et al. (O'Reilly)
The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining your Blog - Rebecca Blood (2002)
We Blog: Publishing Online with Weblogs - Paul Bausch et al. (2002)
We've Got Blog: How Weblogs are Changing our Culture (a collection of 34 essays) - Intro by Rebecca Blood (2002)

Courses and Workshops

Creating an IP Weblog Course Outline
Additional Readings and Resources (a collection of links)
ESL/EFL Weblogs - Anne Davis et al. (Jan.-Feb. 2004)
Motivating Student Writing with Weblogs - Bernie Dodge
Videoblogging Yahoo Group
Weblog Workshop - Anne Davis (last updated 28 Aug. 2003)


About blogging - John Lovas
About Weblogg-ed ("...This site is dedicated to discussions and reflections on the use of Weblogs, wikis, RSS, and other Internet-related technologies in the K-12 classroom...) - Will Richardson
Are your Students Blogging Today? What is a Blog, Anyway?
A Weblog Webliography - Charles Lowe (KairosNews, Apr. 2005)
**Big List of Blog Search Engines** ("...all the blog search engines, directories, and web-based RSS aggregators I could find, along with brief instructions on getting your site listed...") - Ari Paparo
Blogcount.com ("Blogcount asks: How big is the blogosphere? What is its shape, color, true nature? Blogcount catalogs efforts to answer these questions. We collect and organize the best reports and analyses on this subject.")
Blog Providers (Blog EFL/ESL)
Blog Resources (Guardian Unlimited)
Blog Search Engine
Blogging Resource Links
Blog Software Breakdown ("attributes of different user-installed blog software packages side-by-side for comparison")
Blogging Software and Tools
Blogs (Gallaudet University)
Blogs in Education
Commented Links to Papers and Articles
Edubloggers Frapper map
Educational Weblog Articles - Compiled by Anne Davis
Feedster ("searching Today's Internet for listings, news, and blogs")
Finding Blogs, Blog Posts, RSS Feeds and RSS Entries - Compiled by Darlene Fichter (2004)
Into the Blogosphere ("This online, edited collection explores discursive, visual, social, and other communicative features of weblogs. Essays analyze and critique situated cases and examples drawn from weblogs and weblog communities. Such a project requires a multidisciplinary approach, and contributions represent perspectives from Rhetoric, Communication, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, and Education, among others...") - L. Gurak et al. (eds.) (2004)
Maria Jordano's links to blogs on education, EFL&ESL, blog development, etc
Multi User Weblogging - what are your options - James Farmer
Teaching Teachers to use weblogs effectively - Links compiled by Thomas Leverett and Jessica Montgomerie (Mar. 2005)
Technorati ("brings you what's happening on the web right now")
The bdodge EduBlogging Archive
Weblog Articles
Weblog Links - Anne Davis
Web Log Software, Platforms and Hosts (articles & resources, About.com)
Weblogs Compendium ("... everything you need to know about weblogs/blogs: hosting services, tools, directories, definitions, RSS readers and resources...")
Weblogs Compendium: Blog Tools (a blog glossary)
Weblogs in Education (Technology Focus Online, Apr/May 2004)
Weblogs in the Classroom (CMIS)
WWW2004: Workshop on the Weblogging Ecosystem: Aggregation, Analysis and Dynamics (links to the presentations) (18 May 2004)


Blogging Basics: Creating Student Journals on the Web ("You will learn what blogging is and how to create classroom blogs for you and your students.") - Lorrie Jackson (Education World, 14 May 2003)
Blogging with Blogger (Open University OLRC)
Blogs for Education - Seb Schmoller (2005)
Getting Started with Blogger: A Tutorial from the Folks at Feedster
How to Create an RSS Feed With Notepad, a Web Server, and a Beer - Stephen Downes (29 Jul. 2003)
How to set up a classroom blog using Class Blogmeister: Initial Setup - Vicki A. Davis, aka Cool Cat Teacher (23 Feb. 2006)
How to Start a Blog - Phillip J. Windley (Dec. 2004)
RSS Tutorial for Content Publishers and Webmasters - Mark Nottingham (7 Sep. 2005)
Setting up your Blog with Blogger.com - Bernie Dodge (Apr. 2004)
Using Bloglines (or How to keep with dozens of blogs every day) - Preetam Rai (25 Apr. 2005)
Using Blosxom to Create a Weblog on Darkwing - Mary Harrsch (last updated 2 Apr. 2004)

· Bitty - Embed content from Web services. http://bitty.com/
· Blogburst - Syndicate blogs to mainstream media sites. http://www.blogburst.com/
· Blogcode - Start blog & find similar ones. http://www.blogcode.com/
· Bloggersnap - Add your webcam snapshot to any blog. http://www.bloggersnap.com/?l=EN/
· Bloggoggle - Categorize & rate pro bloggers. http://www.bloggoggle.com/
· Bloglet - Notification2email. //http://www.bloglet.com///
· Blogs - Notification2email. http://blo.gs/
· Blurb - Turn your blog into a book. http://www.blurb.com/
· Cocomment - Track back your commentosphere. http://www.cocomment.com/
· Feedblitz - Notification2email. http://www.feedblitz.com/
· Freevlog - Set up free video blog. http://www.freevlog.org/
· Lifetype - Blogging software. http://www.lifetype.net/
· Measuremap - Blog stats. http://measuremap.com/
· Qumana - Edit your blog. http://www.qumana.com/
· Structuredblogging - Create, edit & maintain all posts. http://structuredblogging.org/
· Textamerica - Mobile blog. http://www.textamerica.com/
· Xanco~ - Mobilephlog & vlog. http://www.xanco.com/
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