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How 'Bout Them Cowboys? by cindy47452.
How 'Bout Them Cowboys? by cindy47452.

Yankee Stadium, New York by Uncle Buddha.
Yankee Stadium, New York by Uncle Buddha.

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Something that you do i play, baseball and football because i like playing the sport.
Something that you believe in god because I am catholic.
Something that you listen to, Journey Dont stop beliving.
Something that you like to eat, pizza because im italian.
Some place you want to be,with my friends because they support me withthe decsions I make.
Something you want to be known for,be known for a good person because thats who i am.
Something you cannot do without, i cant live without texting because that how i talk to my friends.
Something you would change, i wouldnt change anything because my life is good as it is.
Something you are known being athletic because i play a lot of sports.
Something you want to know more about my own ethnic backround because i want to know how im italian.