Hey, my name is Brianna and I am on the best team this year 8-2!!!!!! I can't wait to get started on our projects and more blogging. I have never really used a computer in the class unless it was for a project. I am very excited to start. Here are a few things you can learn about me.

~Something I do is I love to swim. I am on the swim team for my local YMCA. Also, lacrosse is fun i will be starting that soon.
4-16-2008  Girls  Var & JV Lacrosse 065 by friendscentralschool.
4-16-2008 Girls Var & JV Lacrosse 065 by friendscentralschool.
Tai Shan going for a swim.... by atsf90east / Tai Shan.
Tai Shan going for a swim.... by atsf90east / Tai Shan.

~Something I believe is beside talking about religion is everyone has a reason and everything that happens has a reason. Even though half the time it does not feel like that.

~Something I listen to is the morning the birds chirping and it's very peaceful. Otherwise for music i like Justin Bieber. Some country like Carrie Underwood. I like them because I feel it's true talent. Also, a band called 3Oh!3. Their music is my favorite. I like this band for their energy and upbeat rhythm.

~Something I like to eat is baked macaroni and cheese because my moms' is amazing and delicious. Also, I like chicken parmajion, popsicles,and cookies.external image AH-ChocChipCookies.JPGpop.jpg
~Some place I would like to be that's not here is in Maui because I have always wanted to go there. The beaches are amazing and the water is, at least that is what I have heard. Also, Pennsylvania because I miss my cousins and I like the clean air. Finally, England or Ireland I always wanted to visit those places.I like British accents I think they are interesting and Ireland because of the green fields and my family's history.
~I would like to be known for being a good person and also when I grow up I would like to be known for curing a disease or breaking a new record in swimming. I would want to be known as being a good person because I feel that is more important than how you dress.
~I can not be without my puppy for too long.Lily_with_Laney.jpg Mine is the little Chihuahua that is with a Great Dane here is a game can you find her?Snowy3.jpgThis is my other dog Snowy a Pekingese.The one thing I always carry with me is my cell phone. Also, I like to keep a a book on me if I'm REALLY bored.

~Something I would change is the state I live in because I don't want to live in the state I'm in. Also, I would change the way war is and the way the world is so that it was all peace on earth.
~Something I am known for is what me and my friends do is say I am a thuper is more of an inside joke, but my teachers told me I'm friendly and easy to
befriend.Also, that I am very funny sarcastic.
~Something I want to know more about is this website it's like something really new. Also, I want to learn about genetics and other countries. Which I hope I can do on here well from what I am told about this site.