All my work BR10

Something that you do I draw&sing..
Dragon__s_head_by_caithsidh.jpgI put this because i love to draw an because i can draw dragons..
Something that you believe I believe that all schools around the world should do this its a reall fun way to learn.
Dell_Laptop_.jpgI put this because i believe that students around the world should learn with computers.
Something that you listen to i listen to Rock/metal/ i like this music because it has a meaning behind it.

Something that you like to eat FOOD just symply that food.
Some place you want to be i wanna be in jerusalem so i can learn the history there.
Something you want to be known for I want to be known for how good of a drawer or singer I am..
Something you cannot do without I cannot do with out a Xbox 360 OR death Note.
Something you would change I would change how manny web sites my school has.
Something you are known for i am known for my carefree attitued.
Something you want to know more about I want to know more about history..