All my work briannabb11

I do gymnastics because I am very good at balancing so I like beam, I am very flexible, and I have many friend that enjoy gymnastics too. :)

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I believe that I will get better grades this year by studying more for test and quizzes, hand in all of my homework on time, and make it so that I am ready for high school :)

I listen to the radio mostly kiss 95.7 and kc 101.3 , because I like the kinds of music they play,and they broadcast some news everyday.

I love to eat fruit because they taste good, they are very good for you and they remind me of summer.

I want to be in Florida right now because it is very hot there ( I love hot weather), there are alot of places to see in Florida like Old Town , also I could see my relatives that live in Florida. palm_tree_on_the_beach!!!!!!!!!!!.jpg

I want to be known for being friendly and helpful to everyone.

I could not do without my friends and family because they help me through everything, they listen to me, and they are just fun to be around. :)

I would change the age that I started gymnastics because if I started gymnastics at a younger age I would be better than I am now, I would have more practice,and be in a higher level at this time.

I am known for doing gymnastics, being fun, and being very quite. I am a very quite person around people that I don't no as good as my neighbors (I am very loud and open around my neighbors cause I've known the since I was little). I am known for having a sweet tooth because I love chocolate and other sweets :)


I want to know more about computers because I am not that good at working computers, I get very confused when I work with them, and it would probably help later on in life.