All my work Brianr11

I play with my friends on a daily basis. I think that it is important to play with friends so you dont start to lose them when you dont talk to them daily. I also think it is important because when you sit inside all day like in school you start to not want people to bother you or you just dont do anything. If you have friends to play with then that is better than any video game in the world.

I believe that if you are in school you should have fun while you are there. Try to have fun with your homework or try to make seemingly boring activities in school fun because if you dont have fun then you start to drift off away from class.

I listen to mostly rock but sometimes i lean more to alternative. I think that everybody should listen to music because it lets you be what/who you want to be. Listening to music is a great thing to do because it lets you slip away from any stressful things that you may be going through. If you just listen to music for the music look for hidden meanings of a song or maybe the story behind it they are usually very interesting.

I love to eat pizza because you can put almost any topping on it and it still tastes good. I am also 50% Italian so people in my family make it often,

I want to be at my aunts house because i don't get to see my cousins or anybody else that lives there because they live in california and it would also be fun to play around there.

I want to be known for being a good friend because sometimes it gets really hard to do the right thing if your friend puts you in a situation where you have to do something to choose. Also its good to be known for something that can be difficult for some people.

I could not do without my XBOX360 because it lets me relax and play with my friends when i cant go to their houses. Also you get to meet people around the world and be friends with them and its cool to know people around the world.

I would change the rudeness of people for no reason it gets really annoying really fast. Also because it would actually let people say what they want to say without so much judgement from their peers.

I am known for trying to be myself. I try to be myself instead of what others would expect me to be i am quiet but i can also be loud. I also don't care what other people think of me even even if they insult me for a year without stopping i would not care.

I want to know more about computors. I want to learn more about computers so i can get a job designing video games or helping other people with computors when they need it.