All my work brucerp2011

I play ´╗┐football and lacrosse.i enjoy lacrosse more then football,because it is more moving around and itis action packed.
I Believe that Dallas Cowboys are going to the super bowl this year because they have Miles Austonand Jason Witten.
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I listen to Cira Survive and i enjoy the band because of the singer.His name is Anthony Green.
I love to eat anything.I eat anything and everything i am like a bottom less pit.
I want to be at the skate park Biking and riding all day.i want to to do that becase it is fun and i enjoy it.

I want to be known for being a smart student because i want to prove that i can do better then what i am doin to myself and my parents.I would like to go to Wesleyan University.

I could not do without my friends because they help me trough hard times in my life just like Mike "The Stuation".

I would change the way I acted around my parents and teachers because I get loud and joking around.

I am known for the way I play sports because I am very talented in lacrosse and football I would like to go in to the NFL.

I want to know more about how I can improve my my skills in lacrosse because i want to go to college and play and after maybe go in to the MML