all my work bryanar11I play...guitar because guitar is fun to do and challenging and i like playing songs.I also play guitar because a lot of my frinds play guitar and i can play guitar with them.Also i play guitar because i learn new things and learn to read music.

I believe...In god because im catholic.Also because i go to church.Another reason is that i learn about him in CCD.

I listen to ...Rock music because I play guitar and and i like playing rock music and learning new songs to listen to.Also rock music has had a lot of history because theres always been rock music.Lastly rock music usualy has a meaning to go with the songs.

I love to eat...Pizza because im full Itailian and pizza is an Italian food.Also pizza has a lot of toppings to choose from.Pizza is also a not very messy food.

I want to be at...Ocean City New Jersey because theres huge waves at the beach.Also because theres a big boardwalk with a lot of shops and food.Lastly because theres a great beach.

I want to be known for...Being a nice person because it can get you farther in the future.Also because I will make more friends.Lastly I want to be known for being nice because peaple respect you more.

I could not do without...My family because my family hepls me through everything.Also because I can ask them anthing.Lastly I could not do without my family because they tell me whats right from wrong.

I would change...When we get out of school because we always get out late and that cuts our summer short.Also it is to hot in school to be learning.Lastly by getting out of school earlier kids will be willing to pay attention more since it wont be so hot out.

I am known for...Being a good friend because I can keep secrets.Also I help my friends wih problems.Lastly because I give my friends good advice.

I want to know more about...Learning guitar notes because it will help me later on with music.Also because I can learn more songs on guitar.Lastly because mostly profesional guitarist use notes.